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by Comm100

Longboard Guide

Types of Longboards

Drop-Through - Longboards with drop-through trucks have a lower center of gravity. Having a lower center of gravity makes this type of longboard more stable and eaiser to push. Drop-through longboards also tend to be more flexible giving you some flex for longer riding.

Cruiser Shape - Medium length traditional cruiser longboards are popular because they are smaller in length and normally have a kicktail allowing the rider to get around on a more narrow riding area and in a group of people.

Commuter Style - Top-mounted longboards are great for carving. Wheels are placed at the ends of the longboard having greater stability over Cruier shapes.

Depending on what you need a longboard for will determine what shape is going to work best for you. If you are using a longboard to get around for class, to the store, or areas with traffic and people you will want a smaller longboard skateboard. Getting in and out of people will be easy with a smaller board.

If you are not worried about people and you will want to bomb hills then the longer the board the more stability you will have when you are going down hills or going fast. You can still use a longer longboard for cruising.

Deck Length

Longboards from 28" - 46" are a good range for a crusing longboard. A shorted longboard under 32" is not really a longboard but would be good for smaller or younger riders.

The most common size range is 32" - 42". This is a great starting range for most people new to longboarding. Most of the decks you will find people riding will be in this range. Anything over 42" is going to be really big so keep that in mind when looking at longboards. It might be great for riding around but that extra length might become a pain when toting that board around campus or trying to get it into your locker.

Flex or Stiff?

Flex gives you a shock absorption feel when riding and can really help from wearing you out on long rides. Flex also gets you lower to the ground giving you a better center of gravity. Most longboards will have some amount of flex in them.

If you do not like flex then a stiff longboard might be what you are after. A stiff board will respond faster from your movements. Some people like a board to be stiff so the board will lean and turn with them. Downhill longboards will tend to be more stiff because the riders require that response.